5 Simple Ways to Cultivate Happiness in our Daily Lives.

8076936667_3fb0417643Happiness is a journey, not a destination.

A lot has been written about this and the truth is that this is a very cliché topic: what is happiness?. So, before you start reading this article, I want you to know that I have spent quite some time looking for an answer to this simple but meaningful and deep question.

I used to be tired. Tired of waiting to achieve certain dreams and goals that were supposed to grant and bring happiness. I was truly exhausted of waiting for an unknown future to bring happiness instead of feeling happy with the fullness of the present. So I decided to start a journey in which I stopped waiting for happiness and began to live it in the present moment. But more than to start living it, I started feeling it and I became aware that one does not find the happy life, but makes it.

We are all on this journey called life evolving and looking for the meaning of happiness and, if at this moment I am writing about this essential life topic, it’s because, through this article, I want to invite you to spark up the flame of a happy soul!.


What is happiness?. A trite question, perhaps, – but do we really know what it is? Are we really feeling happy? -.

If you seek an answer that you can understand with your mind and logic, I would tell you then that happiness is the one that accompanies the realization of the own purpose of every living being. But if you seek an answer that you can understand with the heart, an answer to be understood through the language of the soul, then I could answer you in a more accurate way: happiness is an attitude that is taken and felt from the inside of each person. But how can we get happiness?. People today, in a world that seems to go so fast, do not seem to be happy, people today do not seem to be satisfied, and this is because we expect to find happiness, solely and wholly, on material things that never seem to satisfy us.

Make yourself the question: do I feel happy? and if I don’t, why?. Many will say: I’m not happy because I need more health, others may say: I’m not happy because I don’t have enough money, and some others could say: I am not happy because I’m not loved by anyone and I have nobody to love. All your reasons for not being happy are valid, yes, but if you think that when you get  enough money you will  be happy, until you’re completely healthy you will be happy, or that until you find someone who loves you, you will be happy, I’m afraid you will not.

If you consider happiness as something that comes at the time you get to make or obtain certain things, if you think that once everything falls into place you will find happiness, I’m afraid you will never find it. Find happiness and everything will fall into place.

Happiness is a choice not a result, and nothing will make you happy until you decide to be happy. So, how do I choose to be happy?, how can i be happy here and now?.

Happiness is a state of mind. To be happy you have to start feeling happy. The secret of happiness is inside every human being.

I strongly invite you to follow these tips to help you cultivate happiness in every moment, every day. These tips may look easy and simple, but remember that finding happiness and begin  feeling it is easy and simple:

  1. Feel happy and joyful from the raising of the sun.

Early in the morning, when you wake up and open your eyes, feel happy, feel within you the happiness and joy because, for one more day, you are blessed to see and breathe the fullness of life. Everyday has its unique blessings.

Since I started practicing the habit of feeling happy and identifying my blessings, I realized that automatically I was changing my mood and my day and the situations I lived on it became positive because that is how i was feeling, happy and joyful.

If you start each day happy, it determines the way you live your day. Arise! Arise and shine!.

  1.   Make a daily list of reasons about why you’re happy.

Being happy goes hand in hand with being grateful. We all have some reason to feel happy and grateful. It may be, perhaps, because we have a job, because we have a trustworthy friend, because we have a family that take cares of us, or maybe for our gifts and talents. We all have something to be happy. Every day, at the time you feel calmer and quiet, make a list of 10 things for which you feel happy on that day, and while you write them, feel joy and gratitude for having so many things to be happy. You have enough to live a happy life!.

  1. Find and do what makes you happy.

If we want to be happy and to feel the happiness during the day, we have to do things that make our soul feel happy. If you still don’t know, ask yourself: What makes me feel joyful and happy?, perhaps it’s writing, maybe it’s painting or listening to music. To some people sports make them happy, others prefer to sing and dance and, some others, to work. Find what fills your heart with happiness and do it, practice it, make it. Fulfilling your special calling brings the greatest happiness.

  1. Happiness is not getting what we want, it is to appreciate what we already have.

Remember the words and the teachings of the greatest enlightened masters of the past who taught us that feelings are the greatest creative power in the whole Universe. What we feel, it is what we attract into our lives. So if at this moment you’re living hard times, difficulties, economic problems, health problems, etc. Do not focus on the negative and redirect your energy into things and activities that make you feel happy and joyful at present moment. The feeling of happiness, joy and gratitude in your heart affects the whole Universe and back to you with an avalanche of situations that will make you feel happier and more grateful.

  1. Find harmony and balance to find happiness.

To feel that we maintain a balance in our life, we must explore both the spiritual and the material side of life. If we totally inclined ourselves into the spiritual side and we forget about the material side, we are turning our back to the fact that we live and we are on earth to learn and evolve. And if we turn fully into the material aspect of life instead and forget about spirituality, we are ignoring the seeking of our inner self and the seeking of that awareness that connects us to our higher self. Happiness lies in the middle of both and we find it in the balance, it means that we find happiness by looking for our inner wisdom and light but with our feet on the ground, in the here and now.

Happiness is your birthright. By connecting with yourself, setting intentions to be happy, and surrendering to the natural flow of life, you can breathe a sigh of relief, trusting and knowing that everything is unfolding in perfect, divine timing.

Start the journey! Be happy here and now!

     Published in Elephant Journal.     http://www.elephantjournal.com/2015/09/5-simple-ways-to-cultivate-happiness-in-our-daily-lives/



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