I would like to begin this  with a wise quote from the eminent Albert Einstein: In times of crisis only creativity is more important than knowledge.

The human brain is divided into two hemispheres. The left hemisphere is associated with the functions of writing, logic and reasoning. The right hemisphere is associated with the functions of intuition, emotions, imagination and artistic creativity.

Putting it in simple words, there is a hemisphere that thinks (left) and a hemisphere that feels (right).

The left hemisphere of the brain controls language and logical thinking. Conversely, the right hemisphere is recognized as the one involved in imaging and in what we can call “emissions of inspiration”.

The logical hemisphere (left) forms the image entirely from the parts and it’s the one that deals with analyzing the details. This hemisphere employs a style of convergent thinking, obtaining new information by using data already available, forming new ideas or conventionally acceptable data.

The right hemisphere, also called “holistic”, process information globally, based on the whole to understand the different parts that make up the whole. The holistic hemisphere is intuitive rather than logical: thinks in pictures and feelings. This hemisphere employs a style of divergent thinking, creating a variety and quantity of new ideas, beyond the conventional patterns.

To activate and learn to use the right hemisphere allows us to become creative, with unlimited capacity to create. Creativity does not happen in the abstract, nor is an exclusive virtue for artists and geniuses. We are all creative, but often only in certain areas of our lives and almost accidentally.

To activate our creative hemisphere and discover our creativity is discovering that, like the universe, our possibilities are endless, real and meaningful, and we only need to learn to trust our intuition.

The potentiation of all our abilities and gifts lies in the perfect and correct integration of the right hemisphere of the brain with the left hemisphere. And for that, education is our best tool. Unfortunately, in the XXI century, the structure of education is totally far away from that which would allow students to discover, explore and exploit their potential and gifts.

Our society and its structures are focused on further developing the left hemisphere than the right, because in them it’s more valued the intellect than feeling. In the field of education a lot of time is spent memorizing, reasoning, solving math problems but, what about feelings and intuition?. Nothing!. And there is where education is failing. Education is so important because it is the one that directly affects the way we will think, feel, and act.

For Western education, people with dominant and more developed left hemisphere, have been until recently rated as the smartest, whilst those with dominant right hemisphere, where emotions and feelings are present, have been devalued. Therefore it is time for education to restructure its education system and redirect it to the activation of the creative hemisphere and its integration with the logical hemisphere. Education must move, grow and change.

“Every human being has the potential for greatness.”





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